Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ombre - Color Splash

I know, I know... you all are probably thinking, "Rosie, you're soooo late. Ombre is soooo like 6 months ago!" I somehow have naturally ombred hair, so it's no fun! I guess from all the times of dying my hair and getting highlights, I somehow ended up with an ombre effect... lucky me! :) BUT...not so lucky! For a while now I have been wanting to dye my tips some sort of blue-ish, purple-ish, pink-ish color, but I just keep on thinking that it wouldn't look right because I'm not blonde! I feel that blonde's are the only ones that can fully pull off the color ombre look... (geeee I wish i was blonde!)
So I finally decided to just do itttt! Who cares if it comes out looking horrible, who cares if it only looks right on blondes, who cares if I end up looking a bit grunge, and who cares if I fry my hair (even more than it is already)...It's just hair! It will grow back...right? RIGHT! 
Soooo, after all my blabbering...which color do you think would look best on brunette hair?! AND do any of you creative girls have any DIY ombre posts or videos? If so, send them on my way! 
Thanks much!



  1. Oh! I do love this trend but and very conservative when it comes to my hair (haha too many bad haircuts as a child did it). I wish I was brave enough to do this!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following! I really appreciate it, means a lot :)

  2. ahhh, oh no...those can be the worse experiences!!
    & ofcourse, im so glad you found my blog...thanks to you I now have a new blog to follow & get ideas from! :)

    it'd be great if you could follow me as well! thanks love <3

  3. I want to color my hair ombre..I'm too scared for the rainbow color though! xoxoxo

  4. well you do definitely have to take a bit of a risk, but I'm sure it would look great! Try going with a solid darker color! If you do end up ombre-ing your hair I would love to see how it turns out! <3

  5. i love the crazy colored hair


  6. I would love to try this if my hair wasnt so short :/ I dont know how Id make it work. Creys. Love your blog, very cute :) xxx

  7. I would LOVE to dip-dye my hair if I wasnt too scared to bleach it! I love these photos!! And your blog! :)