Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cali Christmas 2011

[ Top: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Necklace: Tiffany & Co. ] 

& Noel in his casual everyday laid-back classic LA look ;)
[ Sunglasses: Mosley Tribes, Watch: Michael Kors, Sweater: H&M, Shoes: Clarks ]

FINALLY...my very first "Outfit of the Day" post! I have been meaning to do a post like this for a while, but i just could not find the time with my hectic schedule!
Anyways, I decided to have my photographer (Noel) snap a few pictures of my outfit on Christmas day.  Ofcourse, when you think about dressing up for Christmas you think tights, heels, coats, dresses...all that fun stuff, right??! Well...because of the super sunny weather in LA, I would have been dying if I dressed up like that! So, therefore I just  decided to keep it simple with a pop of burgundy to add a bit of a "holiday" feel.  I also felt that Noel was looking pretty stylish himself, so I just couldn't help myself by taking a few shots and adding them to my post!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday with their loved ones! 

Love Always,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ombre - Color Splash

I know, I know... you all are probably thinking, "Rosie, you're soooo late. Ombre is soooo like 6 months ago!" I somehow have naturally ombred hair, so it's no fun! I guess from all the times of dying my hair and getting highlights, I somehow ended up with an ombre effect... lucky me! :) BUT...not so lucky! For a while now I have been wanting to dye my tips some sort of blue-ish, purple-ish, pink-ish color, but I just keep on thinking that it wouldn't look right because I'm not blonde! I feel that blonde's are the only ones that can fully pull off the color ombre look... (geeee I wish i was blonde!)
So I finally decided to just do itttt! Who cares if it comes out looking horrible, who cares if it only looks right on blondes, who cares if I end up looking a bit grunge, and who cares if I fry my hair (even more than it is already)...It's just hair! It will grow back...right? RIGHT! 
Soooo, after all my blabbering...which color do you think would look best on brunette hair?! AND do any of you creative girls have any DIY ombre posts or videos? If so, send them on my way! 
Thanks much!


Friday, November 18, 2011

My European Adventures

It's such a chilly day here in LA and while I'm sitting on my couch with my Starbucks Peppermint Mocha,  all I can think about is how much I miss Europe! This past summer I went to Paris and London with my two favorite girls, Jhanna & Ines! It was such an amazing experience and everyday I keep on missing it more and more! Just thought I'd share a few pictures of the greatest summer EVER! 


okay okay... So maybe that was more than just a "few" pictures...there's just sooooooo many!!! 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Checa Chic Boutique - Pretty in Pink

Hello my fashionistas!!! 
Recently, I had a great opportunity to play barbie and get styled by a boutique called Checa Chic! They got a ton of cute merchandise in for the fall season, and they asked me to model a few looks so they could put up for all their lovely costumers to see on their blog and facebook! Checa is located in Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd, so if your in the Los Angeles area it's definitely a place to check out :). However, if you are not...then good news! Checa is able to ship :) 
Going out this weekend and don't have anything to wear??! Stop by Checa!! 

Follow Checa on Blogspot, Lookbook, and Facebook ;)

*Everything I am wearing is from Checa Chic Boutique*
**More pictures coming soon!**


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello November,

Finally! My favorite month is here (well second favorite!) Now its time for Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks and christmas music on 103.5! I know, I know, Im a bit too early for Christmas...but I just get soooo excited! Anyways, enough rambling... I'v got news! :) I'v decided to blog as much as I can starting this month. I haven't really been taking my blogging seriously, but it's officially on now! Keep posted for OOTD's, What's in my bag, Closet tours, Room tours, Hauls and a ton of posts about my ooh so very exciting life ... ;)
Well time to go work on my huge fashion project!! 


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

my glamourous fabulous week

Amaazzziinggg weekend! Me & the gorgeous Karis G. had such a jam packed week planning photoshoots, figuring out outfits, and attending fashion shows and beauty events. The first fashion show was at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. We were so excited for this event, because we were VIP and got snag bags and front row seats for the runway show. Unfortunately, I was not a big fan of the designs. The second show was held at Vibiana Downtown LA. The atmosphere was sooo cute! There were photobooths, vendors, cocktails and lots of networking! The show was for Octavio Carlin who debuted his spring collection. Once we got inside, we definitely felt like we were in NY fashion week! (Expect much much smaller!) We ended off the week by attending the Beautylish Beauty Social at the Lowes hotel in beautiful Santa Monica. We got there a bit early, but thank goodness we did! There was Benefit, Urban Decay, Sugarpill and a few more vendors offering makeovers! :)  We went from booth to booth making hair, makeup, eyebrow, and eyelash appointments!! We met up with my friend Ines, so it was definitely a great day!  Also, super super SUPER cute decor! Hotpink, silver, sparkles,white  couches, and flowers!!! I mean...adorbes!!! 
Overall, amazing experience! 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall/Winter Must Haves !

So being in LA, you don't get that extremely cold weather, which means not being able to wear all the high fashion winter clothes! I was browsing through Tumblr and just decided to post a few (I literally have like an entire album) pictures of some fall/winter pieces I am dying for! BUT just because I'm in LA, doesn't mean I can't wear all these amaze coats, scarfs, tights and accessories... right???! Can't wait to save up some money to go on a shopping spree!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion's Night Out 2011

Top: Brandy Melville, Shorts: thrift store, Shoes: Topshop, Jewelry: JewelMint

Had such a good time at my first Fashion's Night Out in Los Angeles. I was originally not going to do FNO this year because I was super poor and knew that if I went I would do some compulsive shopping, but how could I miss it! I decided to keep it small this year by just going to my local malls. I started off at the Beverly Center and then ended up at Century City. It was a night filled with fashion shows, celebrities, DJs, wine, and a lot more fun goodies :). Cannot wait for FNO 2012... doing it BIIIGGG!! 

Always Classy,