Sunday, July 31, 2011

JewelMint - Fresher than a Mint leaf ;)

Last Friday, I met up with my girlfriend Ines to attend the JewelMint Pop Up Show at the Satine Boutique on 3rd. It was so exciting meeting all the interns and the JewelMint designer herself, Cher Coulter! JewelMint has a lot of really unique statement pieces, something I have been lacking in my collection. I loved how the girls were wearing all the different collection pieces and how each of them dressed them up! Some girls were even wearing their cute striped StyleMint shirts... Absolutely have to get myself a t-shirt! Can't wait to get my hands on my newest addition, the Setting Sun Necklace. Should be arriving in the mail early this week :)
JewelMint had this great promotion going on where you bought a piece of jewelry online and got a fabulous piece for free! I got the Encore Necklaces, which are two necklaces wrapped in thread and strung with silver and glass beads with a pink-ish and gold tassel at the end. Perfect for the summer days :) 
Definitely a place to check out! 
Ines & I posing :) Such cute Repetto flats (bottom)! She bought a pair when we were in Paris this summer & I'm thinking I need a pair in my closet too! (Now that I know where I can get them in LA!) 
Cher (Center left) & the girls :) 

It was a great event to attend. I'm so excited to see all the new upcoming pieces !

Always Classy,

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yay! I finally got myself a blogspot :) Recently I just started up a beauty channel on Youtube and Tumbling like I just thought why not just start up a blogspot!??! 
Time to explain the picture: So let me just tell all of you... I'v been stuck at home all day (Im crazy, I have no idea why because it was such a beautiful day in LA!) anyways...noel & I (the boyfriend) have been waiting for a couple hours for my slutttyyy friend (just kidding) to get her butt ova hurrr to go out for a cute cocktail.. but ofcourse... she's just taking her sweet sweet time! yeahhh micky..NOOOO RUSHH at all, it's not like i'm not tired AT ALL! :) 
So thats it... had some extra time & just thought "heyyy noel, let's start bloggin'!" 

Sweet dreams LA,