Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012

[ My outfit - dress: LF, shoes: TopShop ]
[ Ines' outfit - top: Timeless, shorts: H&M, shoes: Jeffery Campbell ]

So yesterday I went out and celebrated Fashion's Night Out (FNO) with Ines and our men ;). We started off at Rebecca Minkoff, which was super cute. They had a dj, mani's, cocktails, and most importantly a sample sale! I definitely took advantage of the sale... I mean I'd be crazy if I didn't! Can't wait to show you all my beautiful purchase in the next post! 
After looking through all the AMAZING bags and shoes, we headed over to Space 15 Twenty to hang out, but we quickly left for a VMA after party. Even though the night didn't go completely as planned, it was fun just being able to be with great friends!


P.S. Go take a look at Ines' blog (link above) to check out some more pictures from FNO! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday Morning.

[ shirt: Forever 21, shorts: Zara, jacket: American Eagle, bag/necklace: Marc Jacobs, 
sandals: Sam Edelman, sunnies: RayBan, bracelets: Brandy Melville ]

Hey lovelies,
Im finally back!!! I started to get super busy with school and work, so it was impossible to find time to post. I'v really missed it and I'm super happy to be back and posting! Thankfully I have no class this summer, so I can finally spend hours and hours doing what I love best... looking through all your amazing blogs!! 

Yesterday, I met up with my amazing friend Ines, or shall I say Bisous of Bliss for brunch at Urth Cafe on Melrose. We live a bit of a distance away from each other, so I love when were able to meet up! 
As for my outfit... lace and denim has been an everyday staple for my summer! Just paired it with my new favorite sandals that I purchased last week... on sale!!!! I just love the cheetah print and all the gold hardware...a perfect "dress up-dress down" kind of sandal! 

Hope you all are having an amazing week!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happiest Place on Earth

[ shirt: Forever 21, pants: Target, Jewlery: Jewel Mint and Marc Jacobs ] 

It really doesn't matter what age you are...everyone loves Disneyland! 
Im such an Disney obsessed dork, I even have the Platinum season pass (does that not tell you something?!) I can't wait for summer to come...sunshine, hot summer nights, going on splash mountain 50 times in a row to cool off, having delicious pineapple dole whip... its all just magical! :) 
Disneyland truly is the happiest place on earth

p.s. Sorry for being gone for soooo long! I haven't had internet at my house for about 2 weeks now! 
I seriously feel like I'm living in the stone-age... I never knew how much I'd be missing a simple thing like internet! Promise I will be getting back on track :)


Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Sweet Sixteen

[ dress: local boutique, necklace: my grandmas jewelry box ]

My cousin just recently had her sweet 16 and we found this gorgeous park to take pictures of her and all of her friends. I thought I would just post a few pictures, so you lovelys could see the beautiful pond and my new favorite maxi! The picture of the necklace is a bit blurry, but I absolutely love it! It was one of my grandmas favorite necklaces, she had the most gorgeous and unique pieces of jewelry! 


Friday, March 2, 2012

Fabric Frenzy

[ top: Forever 21, shorts: Vintage, bag & necklace: Foreign Exchange, shoes: Top Shop ]

Hey lovelys!
No surprise, another gorgeous day in SoCal. I just spent the day running errands to find some fabrics and supplies for my huge fashion project. It was so inspiring looking though all the walls filled with gorgeous fabrics, buttons and embellishments! I can never seem to control myself when walking into the fabric store, there are just sooo many's overwhelming!! 
CANNOT wait until I have some free time to do a few creative projects of my own! 


Monday, February 27, 2012

Instagram: RosieChristine

Instagram is by far my most used app on my iphone (aside from Twitter). 
Im absolutely addicted...such a problem!  I love the idea of taking a picture, editing it, making it look super fancy, and then posting it on-the-go! If any of you fashionistas have an iphone, ipad, or ipod touch, I highly recommend downloading Instagram.

Pictures left to right:
1) My amazing new snake cuff! I don't know what it is, but I have a weird obsession with snake jewelry and I just died over this piece!
2) Just a quick OOTD! I didn't have time to make a post, so what quicker way to show it off than Instagram :)
3) Buttons buttons and more BUTTONS!! Such a great way to change up a garment!
4) Gorgeous flowers my wonderful boyfriend got me "just because. 
5) Just some quick snapshots of my OOTD.
6) My best friend Ines and I all ready for our girlfriends Tea Party! 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Day

These are just some quick pictures I took throughout the week.
Last tuesday (Valentine's Day), Noel surprised me with Sprinkles cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla and RED VELVET!) and a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 

Something you should know about me: I LOVE flowers! I always have to have fresh flowers in my room, or else it looks naked!! It makes my room so much brighter and smell nicer. Flowers just make me really happy overall! :) 

Later on that evening, we went to Urth Cafe on Main St. to enjoy a nice desert! I absolutely love the laid back vibe in Venice...makes me never want to leave LA! 


Monday, February 13, 2012

My New Beauties!

I am now the happiest girl in the world!
I finally got the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette AND the Sigma Make Me Classy brush set! All thanks to my amazing boyfraaaan!! :) 
I unfortunately was never able to get my hands on the first Naked palette because they were ALWAYS sold out at Sephora, so I decided just to wait until the Naked 2. But, ofcourse it was all sold out by the time I got online to purchase it. Just my luck! 
BUT, last month Noel surprised me with both things I had been desperately wanting! 
So far I am loving all the colors! Definitely a "Must Have" for every girl out there!

Hope you all have a great week!

love always,

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"winter" in LA

[ Shorts: Flea Market, Sweater: Melrose Boutique ]

Just thought I would share a couple of pictures from my trip to the beach! After being stuck at home with a cold for a week and a half, it was finally time to go out and enjoy that lovely California weather. Lately, I have really been taking advantage of the nice weather and having the beach so close to me, because once the hot spring weather hits it's craziness at the beach!! 

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! 


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Born to be Wild

Hi, my name is Rosie...and I'm a shoe-a-holic!

Just wanted to share with you lovelies my new additions to my fast growing shoe collection! 
I was at Bloomingdales to make a payment and ofcourse... I ended up walking out with 2 new pairs of Dolce Vita's! I'm pretty sure I can now be called a... Compulsive Shopper!