Friday, November 4, 2011

Checa Chic Boutique - Pretty in Pink

Hello my fashionistas!!! 
Recently, I had a great opportunity to play barbie and get styled by a boutique called Checa Chic! They got a ton of cute merchandise in for the fall season, and they asked me to model a few looks so they could put up for all their lovely costumers to see on their blog and facebook! Checa is located in Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd, so if your in the Los Angeles area it's definitely a place to check out :). However, if you are not...then good news! Checa is able to ship :) 
Going out this weekend and don't have anything to wear??! Stop by Checa!! 

Follow Checa on Blogspot, Lookbook, and Facebook ;)

*Everything I am wearing is from Checa Chic Boutique*
**More pictures coming soon!**



  1. you are so beautiful, i love these dresses. the first is my fave. super girly. xo

  2. thanks lovely!! Im sooo glad you commented, I think I just found my new favorite blog!!! following now :)

  3. Love the simple elegance of the dresses.
    Love your beautiful, smiling face.
    And I absolutely adore the luxurious curves of your high-heeled legs.