Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion's Night Out 2012

[ My outfit - dress: LF, shoes: TopShop ]
[ Ines' outfit - top: Timeless, shorts: H&M, shoes: Jeffery Campbell ]

So yesterday I went out and celebrated Fashion's Night Out (FNO) with Ines and our men ;). We started off at Rebecca Minkoff, which was super cute. They had a dj, mani's, cocktails, and most importantly a sample sale! I definitely took advantage of the sale... I mean I'd be crazy if I didn't! Can't wait to show you all my beautiful purchase in the next post! 
After looking through all the AMAZING bags and shoes, we headed over to Space 15 Twenty to hang out, but we quickly left for a VMA after party. Even though the night didn't go completely as planned, it was fun just being able to be with great friends!


P.S. Go take a look at Ines' blog (link above) to check out some more pictures from FNO! 


  1. Wow sounds like an amazing time!! Gorgeous pictures


  2. I love style and your blog...I'm your new follower! RoRos World

  3. Hello dear reader! I want to inform you that I have created a new blog because of technical problems with hacker. Please switch to!
    The old blog will be deleted in the next few days. :D

    PS: you look so pretty in that flower dress!:D

  4. Great Blog!

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