Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yay! I finally got myself a blogspot :) Recently I just started up a beauty channel on Youtube and Tumbling like I just thought why not just start up a blogspot!??! 
Time to explain the picture: So let me just tell all of you... I'v been stuck at home all day (Im crazy, I have no idea why because it was such a beautiful day in LA!) anyways...noel & I (the boyfriend) have been waiting for a couple hours for my slutttyyy friend (just kidding) to get her butt ova hurrr to go out for a cute cocktail.. but ofcourse... she's just taking her sweet sweet time! yeahhh micky..NOOOO RUSHH at all, it's not like i'm not tired AT ALL! :) 
So thats it... had some extra time & just thought "heyyy noel, let's start bloggin'!" 

Sweet dreams LA,


  1. rosie, you are gorgeous! love your style.... and enjoyed browsing your blog. wishing you all the best... and i am your newest follower. :) maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. cheers and enjoy the day!

  2. following you both on google and bloglovin'! :)